Cross House, Getting

Silecroft, Millom, Cumbria LA18 4NR  

Tel. 01229 777401


Friendly, flexible B&B in a splendid Edwardian House on the quiet side of the Lake District National Park, with easy access to the beach and the fells.                               

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In converting and renovating Cross House for Bed and Breakfast use we have used environmentally friendly methods and materials wherever we can. 

You will find:

bullet    Energy saving light bulbs throughout the house.

bullet    Warmcel insulation (made from recycled paper) between floors and in the loft.

bullet    Thermafleece insulation in the walls of the en-suite bathrooms.  This is made from the wool of hill sheep from the Lake District, so we are supporting local industry as well as using a totally non-toxic, renewable resource.

bullet   FSC certified (sustainably produced) cork flooring in the en-suite bathrooms and FSC woodchip paper lining some of the walls.

bullet    Dual flush toilets to save water.

bullet      In the B&B bedroom, the kitchenette, the office and the guest sitting room the original floor boards have been sanded and finished with Hard Wax Oil, a treatment made from natural plant oils.

bullet  All ceilings and walls have been painted with Keim mineral paint, a breathable, water based, acrylic-free paint.  Elsewhere we have used water-based gloss paints and varnishes from Ecos. The exterior parts of the windows are painted with Livos, breathable, linseed oil based paints.

bullet  The original doors have been treated with the most environmentally friendly fire-proofing system we could find; Envirograph.

bullet   Furniture is largely re-used/ renovated

bullet   The original sash windows have been /are being renovated and draught-proofed.

bullet   Our gates were made by a local craftsman from locally grown timber.

bullet   Your breakfast, packed lunches and tea tray will be as local, organic and Fair Trade as we can make them.

bullet   Electricity is from 'Good Energy' - 100% renewable, supplemented by that generated by the photovoltaic panels on the garage roof.

bulletOnly environmentally friendly cleaning products are used.

bulletGuests are asked to help by turning off unnecessary radiators, lights and dripping taps, and recycling rubbish.


Home     Rooms      Food     Environmental matters      On the beach      On the fells      Getting here